Professional Consult


Get a personalized list of the best art fairs specifically selected for your work!


Greg Lawler, author of the Art Fair SourceBook, offers a one-on-one consultation with artists and artisans. Greg will review your digital images, talk with you by phone, and then recommend a specific list of events, among the nearly 1,000 events we are tracking, where he believes your work has the highest likelihood of selling best.

Personally benefit from Greg Lawler's 20 years of experience exhibiting at art fairs as a photographer, and his 24 years of experience analyzing art events for the Art Fair SourceBook.

Greg will review up to 15 images of your work, along with up to 3 booth images, and will then recommend a list of the TOP 25 events that you should be applying to - taking into consideration the geographic area and time frame in which you exhibit, as well as the specific style, price range, and size of your work.


To order a Professional Consult for your work, contact Greg Lawler at 503-704-5122.



Greg Lawler
Editor and Publisher
Art Fair SourceBook