Promotional Event Listings

Your organizer's promotional message included with a listing of your event in the Art Fair SourceBook can, and does, make a difference when artists are making decisions on submitting applications.  We currently have hundreds of paid subscribers using our website listing service ...  professional artists/artisans in search of the best events for selling their creative work.

AFSB Promotional Event Listings keep important data about your show on the radar year-long to the professional artists and artisans who subscribe to the online Art Fair SourceBook event listing service.

Event Listing Options

We offer two Promotional Event Listing Options - Premium and Basic:

 The Premium Listing is designed for events with a track record of success.  It includes everything you want a potential applicant/exhibitor to know about your event:

• All Critical Dates and Contact Info for the exhibitor
• Your 500-word promotional message providing a description of the event, its highlights, amenities and features, written by you, the organizer
• Rating and Ranking of the Event based upon the net average sales from exhibitors’ sales reports
• AFSB Commentary & Review   We craft an independent review of the event based on the feedback received from exhibitors at your most recent event

The Basic Listing may be more appropriate for newer events or events with a small budget.  It includes:

• All Critical Dates and Contact Info for the exhibitor
• Your 200-word promotional message providing a description of the event, its highlights, amenities and features, written by you, the organizer

What Our Subscribers Say

All the significant art/craft events nationwide are listed in one place which is why most of the top art/craft professionals rely on the SourceBook as their one-stop source of venues to choose from.

"I will never do another show without checking out your source again - even the ones I have been doing for 20 years."
    -Karen Antos, Dallas, TX

"I highly value the show history that AFSB offers to artists complete with the many details that can save a lot of money and time for applicants. During a time when traveling is so expensive, and applying to shows is also expensive, AFSB is a place I can go to for answers about what shows are best for my work."
    - Stephanie Saint-Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT

"I have found the Art Fair Source Book to be a tremendous help to me when preparing my schedule for the year. I used to blindly try out fairs and waste a lot of time and moneyfinding out which fairs were not right for me or what I sell. With AFSB I can save a lot of time because of the ratings that compare net average sales."
   - William Waite,  Wisconsin

Order Your Listing Now

Let us help you increase your applications and attract quality artists to your show as we have for hundreds of other event organizers throughout the country. An AFSB Promotional Event Listing is one of THE best ways to stay front and center on the minds of our professional artist/artisan subscribers as they plan their show schedule.

Be sure to Add an Image to your listing to attract even more interest.

PLUS save $100 on your AFSB Event Weekly eBlast "Calls to Entry" and "Deadline Alerts"order  when you have a current, paid AFSB Promotional Event Listing!

There are TWO WAYS TO ORDER your selected Promotional Event Listing:

1. Download, complete, and return the appropriate PDF form.

Application PDF Form for your AFSB Premium Promotional Website Listing

Application PDF Form for your AFSB Basic Promotional Website Listing

2. Place your order using our NEW easy online Order Forms.  Use PROMO CODE Online10 for a 10% discount! (Online Orders Only)

Online AFSB Premium Listing Order Form

Online AFSB Basic Listing Order Form


Questions About Event Listings?

Please contact me, Greg Lawler, if you have any questions about what AFSB Event Listing is best for you.

(503) 704-5122