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AFSB is the ULTIMATE online guide to juried art and craft shows nationwide!  We publish art fair listings, craft show listings, and festival listings for the nation's top-selling fine art and fine craft events.  Learn MoreAFSB helps you to OPTIMIZE sales by precisely targeting your market using our 22 years of exhibitor feedback and sales data.  Learn MoreAFSB shows which media, styles, and price-range of work sell best at any reviewed event ... before you apply!Learn MoreAFSB shows which events have been most profitable and consistent over time, based on 10 years of financial data and 22 years of artists' reports.Learn MoreAFSB is continuously revised & updated, so you won't be misled by out-dated info causing missed deadlines and bad selection of shows for your work Learn More“I cringed when I shelled out the money the first time for the Sourcebook, but just find one good show, or avoid one bad one, and it's more than paid for itself.”Learn More

For Artists

AFSB is an online tracking system that organizes 285,420 facts into an easy- to-use, powerful planning tool. With AFSB's critiques you'll be able to target the best shows for your style of work and price range.  Download our 2015 Brochure

  • Search Event Listings: Selective listings and hard-hitting critiques of the best-selling shows. Don't waste time with unprofitable shows or miss application deadlines.
  • MyAFSB: Subscribers can create a customized list of art fairs. Track application status and sales and keep general notes. Includes Profit Calculator.
  • Artist Event Reports: Contribute to our reviews – file reports about art fairs where you've exhibited.
  • Virtual Jury: Have your jury slides critically analyzed by professionals.
  • Professional Consult: Get a personalized list of the best art fairs specifically selected for your work.

For Art Fair Organizers

We are dedicated to working with art fair and craft show organizers to help them attract the top professional artists and make their shows the best that they can be by providing suggestions for potential improvements based on extensive feedback from exhibitors.

  • Promotional Listings: Promote your event to professional artists who subscribe to the SourceBook's Event Listing, Ratings, and Review Service.
  • Email Broadcast Event Weekly: Send calls to entry and deadline alerts via email to our database of over 15,000 artists.
  • Update Your Event Listing: Easy online update of all the details about your event that are listed in the Art Fair SourceBook - Organizer Info, Critical Dates, Event Contacts, Event Details, Artist Amenities, Jury Selection, and more.  PLUS, view your Event Listing as artists see it in the online SourceBook.

Art Fair SourceBook
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What Artists Say About AFSB

"I cringed when I shelled out the money the first time for the Sourcebook, but it has definitely been worth the bucks. Pick one good show or avoid one bad one that you were considering, and it's more than paid for. I love the email reminders on different deadlines on shows that I'm interested in and considering. Once drove half way to St. James Ct. when I remembered I forgot to pay the booth fee. No more. Buy it. It's objective and worth the money, (completely un-solicited testimonial and I'm not doing it for the "diamond" package. Already have it.)"

Rick Steingress (Printmaking) Georgetown, SC

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