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AFSB is an online tracking system that organizes 285,420 facts into an easy-to-use, powerful planning tool. With AFSB's critiques you'll be able to target the best shows for your style of work and price range.

  • Search listings: Selective listings and hard-hitting critiques of the best-selling shows. Don't waste time with unprofitable shows or miss application deadlines. (Requires paid subscription.)
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"I have been benefiting from Art Fair Sourcebook for many years.

Art Fair Sourcebook offers a unique and very important opportunity to share and benefit by the experience of fellow artists. I have found it invaluable to balance the information on Art Fair Sourcebook with the show prospectus that is offered with festival application. Art Fair Sourcebook offers an accessible website complete with information on the real truth about art shows and also offers trade specific links to many needed services for festival artists.

Art Fair Sourcebook should be the FIRST place for any festival artist to go to before applying to a festival--to read the unvarnished truth. And when a festival is over, Art Fair Sourcebook should have your last word on it about your experience with that festival. This is the best way for shows to improve their performance and honor their obligations, and thereby increase the odds of success for everyone. Art festivals are very expensive endeavors, and while we cannot control the weather or predict the economy, you can read the history of a show and arm yourself with the facts."

Stephanie Saint-Thomas, (Painting and Painted Jewelry) Salt Lake City, UT

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