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AFSB is an online tracking system that organizes 285,420 facts into an easy-to-use, powerful planning tool. With AFSB's critiques you'll be able to target the best shows for your style of work and price range.

  • Learn About Our Products:  Art Fair SourceBook provides listings for over 600 art shows and craft fairs, featuring reviews, rating information, and critiques. Directory information is offered as online subscriptions.
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  • Search Event Listings: For Subscribers: Selective listings and hard-hitting critiques of the best-selling shows. Don't waste time with unprofitable shows or miss application deadlines.
  • MyAFSB: For subscribers: Create a customized list of art fairs. Track application status and sales and keep general notes. Includes Profit Calculator.
  • Artist Event Reports: For all artists: Contribute to our reviews – file reports about art fairs where you've exhibited.
  • Virtual Jury: For all artists: Have your jury slides critically analyzed by professionals.
  • Professional Consult: For all artists: Get a personalized list of the best art fairs specifically selected for your work.

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