Update Your Listing - Search

Event organizers for the shows listed in the Art Fair SourceBook can update their Event Listing data including Organizer Info, Critical Dates, Event Contacts, Event Details, Artist Amenities, Jury Selection, and more. 

PLUS, now you can view your Event Listing as artists see it in the online SourceBook by clicking on the View This Listing button in the top right corner of the Update Your Listing form page.

In order to use the event listing update form, you will need your AFSB-assigned Event ID Number and for verification, the mailing address zip code for the event organizer.

( If you do not know your Event ID#, please contact AFSB Event Organizer Support at 909-792-7322 or submit a Contact Us form.)


Add New Event

As an Event Organizer, use the newest AFSB website function to Add a New Event.  This can be a totally new event or an existing event that is currently not on the AFSB database.  Use this link, Add New Event, or select Add New Event from the Organizers tab on the Menu bar.