Virtual Jury Service

Get professional feedback about your jury images before you submit them!


Have you ever wondered why the jury rejected your application? Would you just like to get some feedback from a professional juror on how to optimize your chances with the next jury?

AFSB has answers. We've employed a panel of experienced jurors who are ready to give you a detailed evaluation of your jury images, along with specific recommendations on how you can increase your chances of success with your very next application.

In the words of one of our clients, "This may have been the best $100 I have spent in my art career."


To order a Virtual Jury Service for your work, contact Greg Lawler at 503-704-5122.

Client Feedback

"Just wanted you to know that before using your virtual jury service I was 0 for 12 on Zapp shows. Since then I've been getting in better than 50% of the shows I've applied to. Thanks again." Rated juror Robert Watson 4 Stars

— Dick Cunningham, Photographer, Naples, Florida

"I believe [Bruce Baker's] remarks will be very helpful to me once I follow through. It requires making some new pieces, but I now know which direction to take. His critique was very positive, but with concrete suggestions on where to improve my images and work. I am very pleased." (Rated juror Bruce Baker 4 Stars)

—Elisabeth Maurland, Ceramics, Decorah, IA

"Bruce was great. His criticisms were pointed and exact. He let us see into the mind of a juror and how they see our work. The evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses were invaluable. His jewelry background was extremely helpful. Bruce was generous with his time and experience. Thank you. This is a great process. Thank you for providing a forum for this service." Rated juror Bruce Baker 4 Stars

—Denise Marie Houck, Jewelry, Eaton Rapids, MI

"Bruce really took the time to explain the whole jury process (with slides and Zapp) and went above and beyond. He actually has helped me take my work to the next level. Well worth the money and then some. Thanks Bruce!" Rated juror Bruce Baker 4 Stars

—Angela Bond, Painting/acrylics, Decatur, GA

"Excellent feedback. Robert's review of the images was technical, precise, and he gave a good perspective on why particular images were stronger than others. He reviewed the image presentation, but also gave advice on techniques for how to engage the jurors more effectively with content. Answered all of my questions. Looking forward to incorporating the feedback for upcoming applications!" Rated juror Robert Watson 4 Stars

—Gavin McDaniel, Photographer. Cocoa Beach, FL

"Bruce Baker was concise and constructive in his criticism, fair and detailed in his evaluation; Bruce is a terrific voice for any artist who needs an objective pair of eyes to review his/her work. Can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks, Bruce!" Rated juror Bruce Baker 4 Stars

—Greg Gawlowski, Photographer, Santa Fe, NM